Friday, April 8, 2016

Make a No-Sew DPN Cozy

Currently, I am knitting my pairs of socks concurrently on two sets of double pointed needles (DPNs), and needed a couple of DPN cozies to keep the stitches safely on the needles when not in use.  There are patterns for sewn cozies available, or you can buy cozies on Etsy in a variety of cute fabrics, but I wanted something quick, easy, and right now. 

So I scrounged around in my craft room, and found supplies to make a set of no-sew felt cozies.  Some of the benefits of making this style are:  
  • felt can be cut without unraveling (unlike fabric)
  •  no finishing is needed (although a needle felted design would be a nice touch)
  •  the felted texture holds the needles securely (no need to sew up the ends of the case)
  • extra needles can be poked through the felt for safe keeping
  • they took only minutes to make!

Supplies needed:
  • Thick felt
  • Denim buttons (the no sew snap on version)
  • Cutting tool - scissors or rotary cutter
  • Fiber for needle felting (optional) 
 Step one ~ measure your needles and cut felt in a rectangle

 Step two ~ insert denim buttons 1/2" up from bottom, and 1" from outside edges

Step three ~ mark placement of holes, and cut small slits (approx 1/2" long)
on opposite edge of buttons for buttonholes.

Step four (optional) ~ needle felt a design on front of cozy

Step five  ~ use needle or awl to poke a double set of holes
in back of lower button portion of cozy to hold extra needle(s)

Step six ~ lay your DPN project  in case, and close buttons

You are ready to go....

These are finished just in time to attend a knitting retreat with me this weekend.

Happy Knitting♥

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Year of Socks - Pairs #2 and #3

Pairs #2 and #3 socks are finished.

Gifted to my granddaughter

Were to be gifted, but ended up in my sock drawer
I started the year gung ho about knitting my socks TAAT.  Knitting them two at a time on one long circular needle appeals to me because of its efficiency and practicality.  I knit the first three pairs of the year using this method.  The problem is, I could not get rid of laddering - the annoying stretched stitch gap left on either side of each sock by the cable.  In fact, the unsightly laddering is why pair #2 ended up in my sock drawer instead of being gifted as I had planned.

So, I am back to knitting my socks one at a time concurrently on DPNs or maybe a 9" circular needle.

Here is the pair I am working on currently:

I made some little DPN holders for these

Happy Knitting ♥

Saturday, February 20, 2016

I Spy Quilt

Finally finished!

My daughter and I started a quilt years ago for her daughter (my granddaughter).  We made this simple scrappy quilt with Kona cotton solids and lots of 3 1/2 inch squares. There was really no good reason it took so long.  We would work on it in spurts, and then the quilt would go into hibernation again.

It felt fabulous to finish the binding and present it to it's delighted recipient.

A few more pictures of the finished quilt:

Happy Quilting♥

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 - Year of Socks

One of my crafting goals this year is to finish 12 pairs of socks in 12 months.

I would like to knit at least one pair for each adult in my family, as well as some for myself.  (Children's feet grow so fast that by the time I complete a pair of socks, they have moved on to the next size).  

I am a relatively new sock knitter, and am still personalizing my sock knitting profile.  By that I mean, determining my favorite way of knitting socks.

Which brings me to some of the many ways to knit socks - top down, toe up, TAAT (two at a time), using DPN's (double pointed needles), magic loop, or small 9" circular needles, to name just a few.

There are also different styles and stitch patterns for socks -  standard gusset heel, short row heels, afterthought heels, rounded toe, wedge toe, lacy patterned, cabled, or just plain vanilla. 

Then there is the yarn.  Collecting sock yarn can be addictive.  There is an astounding variety of designs and beautiful colors to choose from.

Finally, socks are fun to knit (once you have the hang of them), are easily portable for on-the-go knitting, can be challenging, or as simple as you like, and make lovely handmade gifts.

So here is finished pair #1. 

I started them on Christmas Eve, and finished them January 4th.  The little Christmasy project bag is also sewn by me.

If you are interested in the yarn I used, or pattern details, you can find them on my Ravelry project page

Happy Crafting ♥

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gift Crafting for Christmas - Last Minute Gifts

Less than a week before Christmas, and some of us are still rushing about for last minute gifts to give.  Here are a few ideas ladies in our knitting group came up with.

Hand paint an ornament.  Sarah gifted lovely glass ornaments with personalized images of a sheep, a cat, and a bowl of yarn.  She included each of our names on the back, the name of our knitting group, and the year.

Knit tiny socks as tree ornaments.  These turned out pretty cute, plus they used up scrap yarn from my stash.

Finally, my daughter made some really fun gifts by wrapping small items in a new ball of yarn.  She included the ball band so that we knew the yardage and composition of the yarn.  We had to knit through the ball to get to the gifts (which turned out to be personalized sew in labels and cute stitch markers). 

It's not to late to make those last minute holiday gifts for your friends and family. 

Christmas Countdown, a few days to go....
Happy Crafting!